LOGO R&D 2017Because we have handled our own appellate litigation in-house for many years, our clients share the benefit of a unique combination of experience.  Our attorneys have over one hundred published opinions to our credit, frequently the result of appeals taken in matters that we have handled at trial, which provides our appellate partner a comprehensive insight into the underlying action and record.


Our clients have the benefit of both trial and appellate counsel on each and every case that they refer to us, from the initial stages of litigation, throughout the appellate process.


We believe that our appellate practice is essential for us to reach two important goals of the firm.  First, this provides our clients with a most efficient and current understanding of appellate issues even while cases are at the trial level, and second, it provides our attorneys with invaluable appellate advice on complex legal issues commencing from the first day that a file is referred to this firm, throughout the trial and appellate process.

Our appellate practice benefits each and every attorney in our firm, daily.  We can provide legal analysis and advice to our clients on an “as needed” and urgent basis on complex issues including insurance coverage, indemnification, apportionment of fault, evidentiary issues, summary judgment and estoppel.


We can evaluate appellate issues during trial in order to advise our clients in the midst of negotiations as to the likelihood of success on appeal.