LOGO R&D 2017A substantial part of our practice includes investigation and defense of personal injury claims, ranging from premises, motor vehicle, uninsured motorist, product, and security liabilities.

Our medical experience and organization of the firm provides us with a unique and highly skilled medical analysis in each and every case. Our attorneys have acquired the necessary experience in fields such as engineering, physics, economics and vocational rehabilitation, in order to efficiently evaluate, offer advice and try these cases.

Our principal attorneys have been involved in many catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases with winning results at trial.

Moreover, we have developed relationships with outstanding experts to assist in the defense of our clients’ cases who have proven their willingness to participate in our jury trials. The value of the relationships we have forged over the years with experts in a broad spectrum of fields including construction, vehicular accident engineering, trucking, product engineering and safety, premises safety and security, medicine, economics and rehabilitation cannot be overstated. These relationships can only enhance our ability to achieve desirable outcomes for our clients.

The combined experience of our attorneys and our experts assists our clients in early evaluation of claims, and when necessary, we can go the distance to verdict.