Our firm is goal oriented.  We know that this commitment is shared by our clients, who rely upon us to use our capabilities in order to obtain favorable results for them, both in and out of court.

Our lawyers come from diverse backgrounds, personally and professionally, and each contributes to our collaborative success in every case.  We utilize our variety of experience in law, medicine, engineering, as well as trial and appellate practice to give our clients the most effective results.  Our open door policy among partners and associates, together with our system of assigning a second lawyer to each file, promotes continuous communication and dialogue, and results in our ability to achieve our client’s goals and win cases.  Our attorneys recognize the importance of maintaining the flow of information and are accessible to serve our clients needs.

We are trial lawyers.  Our experience draws upon extensive jury trials.  The principal members of this firm have received well over three hundred (300) verdicts, and we have a winning record.  The principals also have experience handling more than one hundred appeals, with nearly one hundred reported decisions.  We have trial and appellate experience ranging throughout the various state judicial circuits and federal District Courts of Florida, upon which we draw to advise our clients.

Our clients know that we will employ our extensive courtroom experience, as well as our legal, medical and scientific knowledge to advise them as to whether  settlement or trial is advantageous.  Our adversaries know our ability to present our clients with the best opportunity to win trials, if settlement is not reasonable.  Our clients can be confident that the experience level of our attorneys, medical, paralegal, support, and administration staff enables us to evaluate cases and efficiently handle them to conclusion.